Thursday, March 08, 2007

Keep in touch with friends again

This Saturday got an invitation from my sec-classmate, Wei Yin, to attend her 2nd son 1 year old birthday. We have been lost contact since after school. Last time we used to go in a same bus to school and we are also in the same class during Form 5. That time I quite close with her, whereby I used to chop place for her to sit in school bus..hehe of cause sit with me la.

What I don't know is that, she just stay very very near to my apartment and just within walking distance, which almost I can see her roof top from my balcony. Oh my...never tell never know...luckily some my other sec-mate remind her about me and there we get in touch again.

Looking forward very much to go to her house this weekend, of cause also gathering with some other LTNC friends.

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