Saturday, March 24, 2007

Online shopping

Did I just mention that, I want to do my shopping? hehe...yes I am. In fact before the PayPal money come in I already bought something for May's new born baby girl. This time I choose to buy it online. I got this invitation email from a local seller to view on some new arrivals baby wear. This seller selling on imported baby wears. When I browse through her stocks, I love it very much. All are nice piece and good quality. This is the kind of baby clothing I want to find all the time. I browse through many many times, over and over again, to get something nice for May's baby girl.

I got 2 pieces of baby wear from Nicley's store. She also having a store at eBay Malaysia. Since it is local in KL, I feel more comfortable to buy it, as I no need to bare the expensive delivery cost and scare of lost or damage while deliver. Will just treat the Postlaju charge as petrol, parking fee and save my energy walking up and down in the mall. All baby wear are in reasonable price and the quality is far more better than the local Anakku-Disney, Kiko, Pigeon and etc...Most I can see is the price cheaper than local brand.

Yesterday, I placed my order in the morning, afternoon confirm order with her then proceed wire transfer payment then the next morning I got it already. Thats the good of buying from local seller.

Most choices of the baby wear here are for girls, boys quite less. Many selection for baby between NB-12M. So, since Terry boy is almost of out his baby age, I won't get him any baby wear anymore although I found some nice one. For toddler 12-24M are very limited. Better get it from store or if found it online I will think about it too.

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Anonymous said...

We have both regular items for sale and those that are being ON-SALE, meaning marked down items. Currently we are marking down from $4.99 to $2.99 our 3-pairs anti slip baby socks with bear patched graphic designs. We are also putting on sale our anti-slip baby socks with bear graphic designs (not patched) for $4.99 from its original $6.00 price. These on-sale, marked down items along with other items are all available for you whenever you contact us and shop your new born baby accessories.