Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yesterday and today's morning I'm tune in to 98.8FM, the topic they currently discussing is about abortion. Listener can call in and talk about their experience about abortion. Ob-gynae doctor and lawyer also being invited to talk about what is right and wrong about abortion.

Throughout the 1 hour topic on abortion have really gain me a lot more knowledge about abortion. Here recap what I listen from the radio.

Abortion is a crime if it is done illegally. Main abortion causes by not practice safe sex and after got pregnant they don’t want the baby. Some may due to the reason the girl not ready to have a baby and build family, some are too young to get pregnant and think that the baby will be a barrier to them, some are having affair with irresponsible man. That’s why the talk keeps on pressing a lot on safe sex and don’t ever go for abortion.

The ob-gynae mention that, inproper abortion can cause danger to life. If the process is not done in clean, means left something in the uterus not fully clear or the tool used for abortion is not clean, after sometimes the womb may get virus infection, and serious case can cause block to ovary tube. The uterus is above intestines, it might get infection too. Some may cause inner bleeding and blood get infection and it carry through the body and that’s why it is dangerous. Too many times going under abortion will cause your uterus neck get weak, and the woman may have difficulty in carry baby again. Can see how serious for a mother choose to go for abortion.

If the baby having problem and cause dangerous to the health of the mother, or the doctor advise not to carry the baby due some reasons, then in this case the abortion is legal and it actually need 2 doctor to acknowledge for the abortion. Many of the abortion in Malaysia are done illegally. There are a few listener who has been witness of the illegal abortion and some are accompany to do abortion, they tell their experience here. The illegal abortion fee is around RM500. Once a listener saw the doctor stuck a thing into the womb and keep on scratching until something come out. The whole process is just half an hour. After the abortion, the mother come out half faint, very weak, and some couldn’t walk and it is really weak. Some doctor will show the mother of aborted pieces. Normally around 2-3 months the embryo has form a human shape. You say cruel or not?

For early pregnancy, if want to go for abortion, doctor will give some pills to eat first. After 1 week if the embryo not smoothly flow out from the body, then need to do something to get it clear. Abortion is not end yet after embryo out from your body. As usual need to go for confinement too like after giving birth to get recover.

A listen shared that, once if a 6 months or bigger foetus go for abortion, the doctor need to break up the foetus bones part by part before taking out from the body. Can you feel how hurt is it? cruel? breaking up the spinal bone, tight, hand bone into separate pieces. Foetus is carrying life! and for those smaller foetus like 3 months old or below they feel hurt too being kill!

So these are all the abortion process, do you know after the abortion the inner feel of the mother can bring regrets and hurt. They might not want to get pregnant anymore for the losing in the past. I think the most hurt one is those woman may not get pregnant anymore after the first abortion.

So the program keep on advise on young people today, do not do anything wrong and cause great regret after that. I keep on thinking on those embryo and foetus while listening, really so hurt and sad for people doing that. As after being a mother, I know the feel stronger of how it goes, even now when I heard of pregnancy problem or whoever got pregnant my feel is different from last time.

Update about my church mate Esther. She is still very very weak and having danger high fever. The died twins still haven’t smoothly take out from her body yet after a day. My pastor yesterday sent out an SMS to get more people to pray for her and even encourage us to do fasting prayer and hope that it really shake God’s hand to give Esther mercy. I really feel so sad thinking of her. Hope I don’t get anymore SMS like that and really hope that she can be strong and get recover soon.

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Jason Thai said...

I've listened to this too... feel gross when they described the abortion process... @.@