Friday, March 02, 2007

Target reach!

Remember before I'm start doing money blogging, I have set a target for myself of getting USD$100 per month? Up to today is a month time passed and I can make it to reach what I target for! infact it is more than that, like almost reach USD$200. This total is from both PPP and Blogitive, which have comfirm to get it. Some posts waiting for approve are yet to add in. So it is actually more than USD200 la.

I really so happy that I can make it anyway. Really as I said it is not easy, staying up late night to grab opps and during daytime check every now and then to get good offers. Now most of the time I wrote for PPP. Blogitive are doing some upgrading, since more than 2 weeks ago they not giving any offers. For others is not much offers to take.

Lately, PPP always giving opps that for high rank bloggers. When I open opps, always see all good opps with good pay of coz, but can see cannot take. As I'm not a good rank blogger yet, I only have very limited opps and low requirement opps always very fast taken. Even I just started with PPP, but my tack rating is doing good, with voting from PPP advertiser, I got 4 tack rates now out of 5 points full.

Wish me luck, I hope I can claim my very first big money draw out from Paypal very soon.


Baby Darren said... I wish I have the luxury to make money from paid posts....

unfortunately i dun even have time to prepare a decent meal for embarassed I am....

Really need to "cheng kau" you how u spare the time out..

Judy Chow said...

hey, don't say that "cheng kau" la...I never can do so much if my baby is cranky and turn me up side down..