Friday, January 19, 2007

More ad writing for $$$

I'm still figure out this write ad in blog for making money. Have sign up PayPerPost, few days ago, and it need a week more to get approved. So eagerly waiting for that. Thanks shoppingmum for giving me lots of help on money blogging. She have introduced me another 3 site to earn more, and without waiting for long I've signed up all.

Summaries of each Ad writing site:

Blogsvertise - Status approved, waiting for them to assign task thru email, but non till today. It works like write ad in your blog -> post up for 30 days -> Ad get Approved -> Get pay.

Blogitive - Status approved, waiting for their offers. Earn money by writing blog postings. Get paid every week through Paypal. No advertising required, just your opinion.

CREAMaid - No registration acquired. Click on other blogger post, get the conversation widget and start ad writing in your own blog. Pay when conversations period end.

Pay Per Post - Status Pending, wide opportunities and good pay.

I have started off with CREAMaid, this is how it should be write. Hopefully, after PPP have approve I got more to write. Blogsvertise, Blogitive and CREAMaid offer is very less. If everything goes fine, I target for start, 1 month earn USD$100. Can ah? I dunno..see how good I hunt them and write about it.

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