Monday, January 29, 2007

Skin problem

Since last Friday, my right arm near the ankle area pop up these thing. 2 patch on my arm. Pic shown is a smaller patch, another one patch bigger. At first, it just like a normal mosquitoes bites, wide red patch and a bit pop. So, I applied some balm and cream on it first see it will turn better. But, later at night checked, it becomes more red and the pop up part is flat but with water inside. So, this must not be mosquitoes bites. I suspect it is either insect bites or skin problem. It not itchy or pain..really bothering me now.

This morning checked it, the water part is popping up, it has a little bit tiring pain. So, I can now confirm these must be skin problem/irritation. I don't know what cream to apply. Just spray on some ditoxin purified water (Cell Food) first, which I name it "magical water". Hope can soothe it. Else, if still remain or getting worst will seek advice from skin specialist.

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