Saturday, January 27, 2007

Recalling my childhood

Whenever I play, read or sing to Terry, it always reminds me a lot of my childhood time. I recalled what are the toy I used to play with my brother, what are the song played, where to sing the song before, and etc.. The most clear scene that I still remembered during kindergarden, the teacher who taught us 'A" for 'Apple', and the time all of us read for it. I don't know how come I remembered this scene very strong.

Whenever having family gathering, all my cousin's kids are playing what game-boy, computer game, cartoon cards, PSIII..all electronics gadget. It truly lost a lot of fun playing in the field. As year goes by and many many more electronic game stuff coming out.

When I was young, parents brought us to Genting twice before. That time, the Indoor Theme Park having many machine for children, whereby you slot in a coin and the machine will gallop, turn or swing. Other than that also the big cup, train, pong-pong car..etc. Now, there are more machines, but those what SEGA machine. I look at it I also don't know how to play. May be Terry need to teach this mummy back later. Kids play machine are like adult play machine now...Children now have lost all very natural and original fun game. I don't know what Terry child age will play later.

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