Monday, January 22, 2007

Good timing

Last Friday supposed having a gathering with college mates, which this have planned a week ahead by organiser. But due to last minute almost working one will late for work to attend and some not able to turn up. So, the gathering end up have to cancel.

I only know this in the afternoon, which after I have arranged my parents and hub to jaga my boy and even start preparing the dinner for the night for 3. At first I quite dissapointed and a bit mad lorr...but think of another way is a good time to ask my parent to hav dinner too, since I have boil a big pot of soup. Just add a few dishes and it complete the dinner of the night.

The night, I have prepared ABC soup, braised chicken, steam pork ribs and fried vege "yao-mak". These are the dishes I normally do...When preparing food for more ppl I tend to feel stressful. Will worried of the taste, the colour, the look and the amount is it too much or just right....Comment from my mum, the soup is a bit spicy, coz I add a bit more pepper...and rice hard too...I dun mind ppl complain on my skill of cook, I will take note of it to do better next time...this is the process of learning..

So, this is also the first time my parents taste my cook. I feel warm during the dinner. The satisfaction to have family having a full table of my own cook the satisfaction level is HIGH!

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