Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 forwarding to 2007

2006 just away. To me, last year have marked a start of my motherhood for the rest of my life. For better or worst, happy or sad, health or pain, good or bad, laughter or tears, know or don't know, all have passed. I hope I can take the worst, the sad, the pain, the bad, the tears and the don't know as an precious experience and cherish all the special moment I hav throughout 2006. I hope u too, forget the past and start to live the new you from now on. Best wishes to you and a very
~~~~ HAPPY 2007 ~~~~
So what I have done during these few days of holiday...

31/12/06 - As usual went to church in the morning, back home rest. At night, count down BBQ party + belated birthday party at my Uncle house in Bangsar. Went wit my parents n Terry only....since relatives only see Terry few months when they see him again, everyone wan to hug him...mayb becoz of sleepy and he wan to sleep but cannot sleep, I put him in stroller. He can just play by himself without me, but when ppl go near him to play with or just look at him, he will cry for I ran in and out the house when BBQ aunty prepared us good food, like chicken, salmon fish, lamb chop, sausages, fried mee, popiah, kuih, fruits and wine. I can't eat much as need to look aft baby. Chit-chat with all cousin-in-law and play with baby Kieran too. He grow up a lot, 2 months+ now...another good news from my cousin bro, his princesss (his 3rd kids) was arrived in the morning. Wat a good day to remember the birth. Another new born to wrap up the 2006. Back home aft 12am, as my uncle and aunty wan us to stay and shout for new year. 12am sharp, can't see any firework play at Bangsar area. But, can hear firework sound from far.

1/1/07 - Get up early morning and went shopping again without Terry. Put him at my mum's house and we both went Ikea, Ikano, The Curve and 1 Utama for the whole day and shopped for 9 hours. Bought a lot of things. Toilet things, display rack, big photo frame (from Ikea), 10 pcs new clothes for CNY (Brandon 6, me 3 and Terry 1). We found great discount at Izzue (The Curve), store wide discount 70%, we bought total 8 pcs from there. If going to buy it before less price, it will cost us RM850...haha...very happy aft bought it with only RM255. In 1 Utama, shop for some grocery and sushi from Jusco. Very very tired aft that.

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