Tuesday, January 30, 2007

8 months old

Throughout this few weeks, he grows rapidly, whereby now can see more of his ability. Especially on teething, now he is having 8 teeth, 4 up and 4 down. The upper row front teeth, the size is quite big and in wide as compared to the front down. Last few days a bit "lau gei" as I know he is not comfortable with the teething. His gum is swollen and red. His upper lip is very very dry until a bit bleeding, no matter how much water he drink. I assumed it must be his high body temperature on teething. He not down for fever *luckily*. All he want is just hug, so I just carry him whenever he cried for it. Some day he refused to take afternoon nap, so I just let him play in his baby cot.

He eat and drink as usual, 2 times solid and 3 times 6 oz milk. Sometime he did wake for midnight. Now, I gave more porridge then cereal and mash potatoes. Most of the time, he is having all fresh fish porridge and mix with 2-3 different type of vege. Seldom used anchovies now.

Every night he sleep at 12am, very hard to adjust his sleeping time even I put him to sleep earlier. He can sleep by himself now on the cot, but before he sleep, he will talk, laugh, play and turn there until he is tired of it then he will fall asleep. As long as he not cry, I just let him be.

In walker, he can run all by himself. Go everywhere in the house. Can't catch him now. He even follow me whenever I go in his walker. Hand grasp things when he saw it. When I eat, he will come by my lap, pat on me, mouth open or moving and show up his hand as like wan to grap my bowl. Very "wai sek" boy..hehe...

He able to sit by himself now for a while. When he want to get his toy in far, he will move his body, and the leg go like crawling. When he is hungry, I asked him what he want, he will answer me "mum mum...". Tested on this a few times and it is not by coincident, he able to call it out. When I said "pai pai shou" (clap clap hand) he will pat his palm on my hand or pat on his lap (sometimes do it only). Likes to knock on things, like he will knock between 2 toys he is holding or knock on the floor.

When we talk loudly or sounds like scolding to him, he will cry. He will push away things when he don't like / don't want. Throw things too...like when I holding on the handkerchief to burp him, he will grap it and throw. urrhh..very soon I need to get more closed looking after him as he start getting more and more active. When he start crawling around, I don't know whether I still able to cook or blog like now...Some clips on what he knows. Crawling, chase the ball in walker, talking, laughing and play with his milk bottle.


TheBlueRanger said...

hi, ethan has 6 teeth, 4 upper and 2 lower, wonder why the 2 upper front teeth are much bigger, i thought should be the same size as others

Judy Chow said...

yeah..I was wondering too..how come...may be the genetic carry down that...normally I see other baby having small teeth..

Baby Darren said...

teething really gives us all problems. I feel that as they grow bigger, the more attention we need to give them. Really headache...

Baby Darren said...


I thot of organizing a small meet up for those mommy bloggers who have baby the same age as ours. I believe we will have lots to share and exchange experience since our babies are like just few days apart.

I am sending this to

1) theblueranger - baby Ethan - 8M 1W 1D old.
2) Shannon - Baby Rachel - 8M 3D old
3) NMOTB - Baby Aiden - 7M 4W 1D

Together with your baby Terry and my baby Darren, will make it 5.

What do you think? Drop me an email if you are interested.

Pinky said...

Hi - dropped by your blog - cool site. Happy 8 months old to Terry !

Judy Chow said...

hi Pinky, welcome..thanks for dropping by.