Thursday, January 04, 2007

7 months old

Weight: 8.8kg
Photo shoot by DeOne, previously done at Anakku, Sunway Pyramid, both cost RM9.

Ability, appearance and attitude
  1. His not growing much hair on head top, thus it form a big ‘M’, hardly can shape his hair yet.
  2. Like to turn around when been carried. Hands will go to the stuff he saw and wan to grab it.
  3. Like to hold on things and knock. When placed in on bouncer/ floor, he will hold whatever he hav and turn to the back and knock to wall or floor. When hold on bottle with water, he will shake it up and down.
  4. Can play by himself like 1 hour or more in the bouncer. When tired sometime he even fall a sleep on the bouncer.
  5. Like to blow out and babble with saliva.
  6. Use tongue to play on his teeth.
  7. Lick feet and fingers.
  8. Having 3rd teeth. Suppose aft having 2 front-down then 2 up-front, but he having the third one grow on the left of the front-down. (check the pic above) ***Updated on 6/1*** there is a teeth coming out at up-front.
  9. Can like call out ba-ba (frequent), ma, mum-mum and cute…of coz we will response to him each time he doing that.
  10. Hold firm on bottle when drink milk, now not allow me to hold the bottle for long, he will push away my hand and wan to hold by himself. Sometime I just let him drink by himself while lying on his bouncing net/ bed.
  11. Can turn and roll on left and right very well and fast. Roll facing down and lie on back for 2 rounds. Sometimes when have things blocking him to turn, he’ll cry for help.
  12. Can stand quite firm for more than 10 sec.
  13. Sometimes can sit by himself for 6 sec. But still very soft.
  14. Play walker 15 min per day. He will turn for direction when things are blocking him. Can kick quite fast.
  15. When he is happy and excited his both leg will kick non-stop and kick hard.
  16. Love to smile, giggle and laugh out loud when finger running on his body.
  17. When ppl are talking he will look and stay quiet. But, when we stop he will babble there.
  18. Teach him to clap hand and ‘gong-xi gong-xi’ he lazy to do it and not even pay attention when holding his hand playing it. May b is still early..hehe…
  19. Sleep 3 times a day. Each time 1.5 – 3 hours. Daytime still sleeps with swing and I try not to swing him too much to make him sleep. Just let him tired first then only place him in. At night if he is not making noise I will let him sleep by himself without swing.
  20. No pacifier since 5 m.o. Even before this he seldom have it.

Baby food

  1. 5.5 oz-6oz each time. 3 times per day - morning, early evening and before sleep.
  2. Half bowl of cereal, porridge or mash-potato for twice a day (Noon and dinner time)
  3. Now hav introduced him food like, broccoli flower, cauliflower, pumpkin, pear, papaya, fish – fresh sardine and big anchovy (ikan bilis). The fish I used it to cook and strain the water out for boil porridge. For apple and pear, normally will steam it first before feed. May b by 8 months old only feed him in fresh.
  4. Have change to FrisoGold Step 2 (6-12 mths) milk powder.
  5. Not given finger snack or teething biscuit yet.


  1. Love toys, which can make sounds.
  2. Mini gym.
  3. Teething toy.

Watch this is how he call out pa-pa.

This took during 3 months old, see how he call out mama. Now he called out almost the same. But not in crying face anymore.

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