Saturday, January 27, 2007


Since a month ago, I’m start doing my weekly ‘marketing’. Here not talking about what marketing strategy. Hmm..yes may be it consider too. For every Saturday, went to wet market to buy our 1 week food to store. Many people don’t like to go wet market, as it is dirty. I still remember when I was small, every week my mum went to wet market in Old Klang road or OUG, I refused to walk with her when reach the market area. I rather wait her at the dry area and help her to carry the vege.

The wet market I went to is located at OUG. Here, I know which stall to buy and not to buy as since I followed my mum to buy before. Here the floor is wet in front of some stall. The water is about an inch high. It always wet my slipper when I walk passed them. Since I buy there, I don’t particularly compared the price for the same thing in other stall, as long as the vege looks fresh, the price is not much different. I only have 1 hour to buy all I want. So, got to be quick in choose and buy. Before the day, I will list out whatever I want to buy then another list is the dish to cook from Mon-Sat. In that way, I no need to think what to cook for the day and also to prevent not having the food I want to cook. Sometime is kind of hard to think for a dish to cook. Every week, we spent about RM70 for marketing. My cooking menu is 1 week 3 times soup and in every meal try to balance with meat and vege.

After start buying my own, I know more about the price, how to check the freshness from the colour, certain vege from where can last and more fresh, recognise the look of the vege and remember its name...etc..many other more. Same goes to meat, different nick name in Cantonese to call for chicken, like 'ma lai kai', 'yuk kai', 'tai san giok kai'..(I only know up to these few), part to call in Cantonese for pork and which part of the meat is to suit different cooking style. For fish, the price is much different from area to area. In OUG is expensive. Normally I will ask my mum to buy for me. I believe there are still more to learn. Part of it my mum did taught me before. Buy own and eat own you will roughly know how to choose the next round, if you find the current one is not up to your satisfaction.

When I was like 6 years old, my mum told me that I refused to walk with her to the wet area and keep on saying 'dirty..dirty'..even when I was like secondary school I followed her to market, she rather ask me to stand at the dry place to wait for her. That's how I trained to go wet market. Now, wet area? thats where to fresh food worth for money!

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