Thursday, March 15, 2007

Terry almost sick

Last night, after my boy wake from his evening nap, I feel his body is very hot while I play with him on the bed. Then, went to check his body temperature using ThermoScan. Gosh, his temp is at 38.6'C. Faster I feed him last porridge and gave him 1ml Paracetemol-250 for fever and put him to sleep. He can't finish the bowl of porridge portion that he usually can finish. So, I just give him milk, he drink a bit then push away. So I just let him sleep, since he don't want. Yeah la..he was a bit lau gei, then I hug him a while and he vomit out some porridge just ate.

My this pandai-pandai Mr. said, he must be sweating a lot then you bath him, faster force him finish the milk. Silly kia. I don't want to listen to him. Everytime, when baby having something not right, sure all blame on me, said I don't know how to jaga. Everything is my fault to make him sick. I just keep quiet, actually api sudah naik, just to avoid la and make noise in front of yan tak jau yan lorr...and mummy out there, did your husband ever praise you for do a good job in taking good care your kids/baby, keep him strong and active or say a word of thank you? I bet it never, am I right? See, wrong means all wrong. Really fed-up sometime for the effort I paid.

The night, I never sleep tight. Keep on looking at Terry. This morning, I touched his forehead he still having the hot as last night. So, Mr said bring him to doctor later, after his gym. I ter-over slept, wake at 7.30am, Mr. ring me..faster I clean up myself n change his nappy then go. Reach clinic at 8am, supposed it has open. Saw a small notice at the door, said it will be re-open at evening. I plan to bring him again tonight if after few medicine he still not ok.

Back home give him 1.5ml Paracetemol after milk. Put him to sleep and get cold towel to put on his forehead to cool down the hot. So, today no porridge, only give diluted milk and more water. He wake up after 0.5 hour nap. Obviously when I carry him up, can feel his body is not that hot. Take his temp, 36.8'C..hhuu....fever gone. So, I a bit senang hati. Play with him and gave him water. He can sleep long after medicine. No need to visit doctor later.


Etcetera~Mommy said...

Good to hear Terry is okay. Ryan also just got well from a bout of cold.

Btw hor.. my hubs never gave me compliments directly also. But I know when he bought me gifts or said I'm 'iron' lady, he is indirectly appreciating my *sacrifices* for Ryan (esp. my lack of sleep)

jazzmint said...

oo hope it's one time not returning. usually when they have high fever it last for 3-4 days then oni goes off, result of viral infection

Judy Chow said...

Etcetera & jazzmint: it is not good I think now. He is in real sick now.