Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Technique of feeding med

My this first time mummy, as mention the first day Terry's sick I feed him 2 medicine after 1 another, which have make him throw out everything. After few days feeding med I got the way. Since he so like to eat and whenever saw foods he will run to us and stick there and open his mouth.

He is clever, those days when he saw the med or the syringe, he will close tight his mouth. So, since he so 'wai sik' I gave him a lil bit food just to make him open his mouth. I offered him raisin, bread, apple, porridge, honey..depends on what I'm having. When the second feed of the lil bit food then I will pump in the med, then he will swallow and follow with water (luckily he don't know how to spit it out yet). Or, when it is milk time, I will let him drink a bit milk first, then loose the teat from his mouth, pump in med and put continue drink. Like that he is more ok to take the med.

My mum told me a tips how to feed us when we were small, and it not make us to spit. Put the med using spoon, then pinch their nose and they will swallow. My mum said the syringe now works easier and measurement is accurate as last time using the spoon also with measurements, but hard to read and the spoon's scoop is deep kind, very hard to feed. That day happen to shared with my friend too about feeding med. Her way was feeding with spoon. Put the med into the mouth and without removing the spoon first from their mouth, let them swallow then only remove it. These 2 ways I haven't try.

You see, when bringing up a kid, many things will encounter for the first time. Sometime no particular fix way to do or we can't learn or get taught somewhere. So, everything we twist, try as it goes along and also listen to experience. This is somehow we are learning as we bring them up and the EXPERIENCE we go through is Priceless.


jazzmint said...

hehe..squeeze the nose sure works..but gotta hold them tight cause they will struggle very hard.

my new tricks for my girl, one sweet if u finish med :).

my boy, dunno why, but he loves med LOL

Shannon said...

hehehe, my method is stated here...

the squeeze nose, susah lar, she turn here turn there...