Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My workstation

I was never thought of so fast can get back to online and blog as since last week my old monitor was almost out of service and I'm not dare to touch it. Online and blog is very important to me now, like can't live without it. I just told hubby about it and the next 2 days he brought back the brand new 17" Samsung SyncMaster flat screen monitor + a power regulator. Here show a bit our new baby.

The whole set of desktop consider less than 1 year old. The Dell CPU was in last year July using online order and deliver to doorstep. Since after using many set of own configured CPU, we have been tired of it. So this one is genuine one. And the price is almost beatable with those we having previously. So, getting an original is more valuable. Now, I'm very comfortable doing blog. Thanks, my dearie. I will treat you a meal after I got my first money draw out from PayPal, is very soon ohh....

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jazzmint said... flat screen somemore, so syiok. I'm oso very tempted to get one, but decided not to, cause when u sscrap and print, the output looks disastrous with flat screen