Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chap Goh Mei

A bit late to blog about this.

That Sunday didn't attend church, as I want to prepared a dish to brought over to FIL house for Chap Goh Mei dinner. This day is also my favourite artist LeeHom having concert at the stadium opposite my apartment. Back in 5 years ago, I did went once to his concert at the same venue. Really love his songs and talent. During the daytime I already started listen to the rehearsal and the sound system technician doing a lot of sound check there.

I've made yong tao fu for dinner. Bought the ready made 600g fish paste and made for total of 37 pieces. It has 'fu chook', 'tao fu bok', lady finger, eggs and bitter gourd. Stand in the kitchen for more than 3 hours to make it and cook it. Luckily Terry boy behave very good that day. Hubby not at home to help anything, went out the whole day till dinner time. Terry just lied in the bouncing net never make any cry or fuss for more than 2 hours before I cook the yong tao fu. The timing is just nice, after I clean up everything he wake up.

Some of my friends who get close and play with him before said that they never saw such a good baby. Even my mum also surprise how come he having such a good behaviour. He have gain a lot of praises since born, everybody around likes him very much. All glories I give to Holy God who really look after me and blessing for giving me a good baby. I can't even ask for more having such a nice son, as I know God always give us the best but it is out of your expectation sometimes.


Sasha said...

u're lucky u have a good boy

Judy Chow said...

Sometime I may think what good deed my ancestor and my old generation did.