Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 reasons why I choose my hubby

Before I got to tag sss1979, so fast she give me another one. So, Nicole you owe my 2 tag ya! This tag got to write 10 reasons why I choose my hubby.

1. He know computer. Yes, even I also in IT but he know more than me. We get close after the time he taught me on my college project. He is smart in computer, no matter hardware and software.

2. He is a family minded man. After we pak toh for not so long, he have plan to married me. Although to me is quite fast in making decision, but we still spend 3 years time to get know each other.

3. Having a healthy lifestyle. I hardly exercise until I together with him. I love gym after that. But now no longer having precious time for gym.

4. He is not smoking and heavy drinker. But he really can drink and hardly get drunk. Most important he is not smoking.

5. Have a stable job and career that I less to worried on our financial after having family.

6. His taste, interest and hobby with mine is almost near.

7. He give me more suggestion and solution when I need.

8. Always find new things to do, that don't bored me.

9. In some way that, he always look for the best deal in lowest cost and free stuff. Eg like, looking for the cheapest trip and yet can go for many days and places, buy things rather buy cheaper than the expensive one, as the cheap one get spoilt, it won't feel wasted so much. As the price for the expensive one can get a few of the cheapest one. Download movies instead of going to cinema or buy pirated VCD.

10. Lastly, of cause he loves me and sacrifies for me and Terry.

My tag goes to:
1. Etcetera~Mommy
2. Montessori Mum
3. Annie Q
4. The Blue Ranger


Annie Q said...

Oh no..another tag ar?? I cant find 10 reason why i choose my hubby lei..hahaha

Judy Chow said...

sure have some good point for you to marry him ...come think of it and tell us la...ur man sure have something that you like about ;)

sss1979 aka Nicole said...

thnks for doing the tag. haha.. all good point.. somehow.. i wonder anyone write some bad point ..hehe..

dragonmummy said...

Thanks for the tag.. but I have done it not long ago.