Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Shop alone

Happen on last weekend. Saturday was a public holiday but hub need to work. Morning my mum, dad and brother went to my granpa & grandma's tomb in Jalan 222, PJ. After they done, mum came to visit me, so I got a chance to went shopping while my mum can look after Terry for few hours.

After lunch, took cab and went by myself to Mid Valley. Long time didn't go there, since last time I worked there for 2 years plus, seldom go shop MV if not working. But, the recent shopping, I feel MV is new to me again. Since now got sales and I have a shopping list on hand, so just go and see what can grab.

Walking alone, up and down in the mall. Mainly get things for Terry and for the house. One of those wanted to tell here. I bought 3 rugs and when paid, all 3 same prices RM15.90, the cashier miss out to scan for 1 of the rug. I came home check the receipt only realised it. This is the second time I shop with item missed scan. Last time at Isetan, KLCC the top about RM50 missed scan, so means free la...but it is strange that the alarm at the entrance no sound one. I think the alarm will only sound when the magnet attached to the item not being remove, but item unpaid won't sound.

Went home after 3 hours walk. Rush home before rain and cook dinner. Damn tired. Get ready for tomorrow morning back to Seremban for Cheng Ming.

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jazzmint said...

wah wah..untung oo liddat :P