Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

How are you today? Anything bad happen to you? or sailing smooth? Anyway no matter what you have going through today, as you may notice that today is 13th Friday, the "Black Friday".

According to Wikipedia, it is a bad luck day. The history of 13th Friday is actually related to Christian and bible. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit on a Friday, and died on a Friday, this is the origin come from. In a region, there is a conclusion found that:
Friday 13th is unlucky for some.

The risk of hospital admission
as a result of a transport accident
may be increased by as much as
52 percent.

Staying at home is recommended.

I don't know how much you believe and affected on this day. In the case, you are guilty by labeling Friday the 13th "the unluckiest day of all," so the best is to spent in the safety of one's own home with doors locked, shutters closed and fingers crossed. This year, there is another Black Friday fall on 2nd Friday of July.

Till this point I'm dropping this post, I'm sailing smooth. I hope you too.


Judy Chow said...

I just received an SMS from my friend, her baby fall from bed.

huisia said...

i pray hard for my hubby as he is leaving to his trip tonight..