Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dining out

It has been long time me and my family not dining out. As promise to my mum I will treat her a birthday dinner. Since last week I need to go for traditional chinese doctor there, so postponed.

5 of us except hubby not joining us. We have it at a normal chinese cook restaurant at Serdang. Restaurant Serdang Home-Made, they open from 4.30pm-2.00am. It is a house previously, they turn it to a restaurant by opened up all side walls. Here is the place where me and hubby love to eat during my pregnant time, a few times a week there, as their food is fresh and cheap. We reached there at 7pm. The moment we finish ordering the food, the place is full house. Some customers walk in later need to wait for seat.

I let Terry sit on his stroller, he just sit there nicely, but after a while he sweating, very hot, so I changed him to sit on the high-chair. This is the first time eat out officially sit on high chair for long. Since he couldn't sit up nicely yet, so I tied him with a nappy cloth at the chest line. He happily sit on it and clap on the high chair table. So, me and my mum on and off feed him some rice and fish, as he sitting there wondering and 'mum-mum-mum-mum'.

We ordered 4 dishes comes with free soup, we finish up all with nothing left. When the time want to pay, guess what I can't find my purse and handphone, gosh! I left it at my parent's home. So, my brother paid for the dinner first. Must be so 'kan cheong' to go for dinner forget to check things...Today my dad will send back my purse and phone to me...so careless mum...Every Sunday, I myself need to carry 2 bags, stoller and bring Terry. Without my parents help, I couldn't go church with big small stuff. Sometimes if I tumpang buy things, even more to carry. So can forgive la, if sometime left things...but surely won't left Terry somewhere and forget to bring back..haha...

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Baby Darren said...

so long never see terry's photo...he has grown up so much.

Blog more about him lah.... we all want to know him more.