Thursday, April 12, 2007

Online baby store

Lately I've been looking for baby stuffs at eBay and some other online baby store based in our country. These store mainly are selling imported products for kids and babies. Here, I've compiled a list of online stores, that may be useful and convenient to you to do your shopping for kids and baby.

Baby Product
Baby Jaya
Baby Sasha & Mom
Fabulous Mom
Little Whiz
Loving Mom
Mama Paradise
Mia Bambina
Moms Little Ones
My Dear
Nicley Store or Nicley @eBay or Nicley @Lelong
Once Little Too
The Baby Loft

Auction store

My Toys and Books


Sleepless Mommy said...

You should also check out They have a gift registry, if you sign up and send it to like 10 of your friends they send you a cute purple frog pacifier.

huisia said...

Oh..great. will go thru them as i thinking to buy a breastpump for No.2

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Really helps.. thanks for sharing.