Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cheng Ming

Wake up early 5am morning. Pack Terry's stuff and pack the flower that I'm going to bring along. 2 bouquet, one for hub's grandma another one for my MIL. Manage to get out the house at 6am. Reach Seremban, Mambau at 7am sharp. Need to wait for others to reach the meeting point. My past experience was jam for hours all the way from the meet up point to the cemetery for just about 2-3km. Thats why we want to reach early and get there without stuck in the hell jam.

Who knows we wait them at the meeting point for 1 hour, others reach and still go for breakfast. Aiyoh, I already so rush in heart wanted to go n back fast as bring along Terry is not easy for him to stay in the car for long and knowing the way there will jam up like crazy. After they finish breakfast, 3 cars follow each other, drive up not to 500m away from meeting point, started to jam. Crawling like ant, I was like..Ohh...when are we going to reach. That time is already 8.30am. Half way crawling, there are cars over-taking, since there is less car coming from opposite way. We don't over take just stay in the line. The sky is cloudy and I predict that will rain soon. After half an hour, ohh my goodness, really rain, heavy too..jam + rain = more jam, the car totally stop there, no ant crawl at all. So, this time we over-take cars, till a point that all car jam up and occupied to the opposite lane too. The opposite car cannot even passed thru, geng or not. All cars only heading to the cemetery, the cars coming out from there got stuck. Since can't move, all stop there. People starts getting down from the car, bring the praying things and walk to the cemetery when the rain almost stop.

Finally, saw the traffic police there to instruct the traffic and the cars get moves, but still slow and crawling. Reach the cemetery and start praying almost at 11am. Really siao! luckily Terry no big drama in the car. I just entertain him all the way. Car can drive up to the front of the tomb, we park our car nearby then bring Terry down for a while (still a bit rain, but can go without umbrella), after I place my flower to the tomb, never get to stand for longer, we run back to the car, as Terry cry with the fire cracker noise. So, while waiting others to settle it, I stir cereal and feed cereal in the car.

Outside full of burning smoke and joystick smell and some are playing fire cracker there. After done, we went for lunch at Seremban town before heading to Nirwana Memorial Park for my late MIL. Went there no jam, but a lot of ppl too, under the hot sun. We not going down elsewhere until we drive near to the tomb. I sent the flower, stand a while with Terry under 3 big umbrella then we aircon in car. Really hard to bring a small baby out to place like this. Next year, I won't be bringing him along. I was think of not bring him along, since I suggested that to hub, he just keep quiet..so no respond means go lor, for the first time ok, I respect enough. Next time don't get him to suffer this. Whole day in the car, without having any comfortable nap.

Everything done, all the way back, crawling traffic again at Semenyih. Reach home at 5pm. Everybody very tired. I was headache as go under the rain without umbrella. I pray hard for Terry not get sick.

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