Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Book for free seat

Have been thinking to go Hong Kong sometimes ago, but due to Terry still small and no one is free to take care of him when I'm away so might as well think that he grow bigger first. Since around 3.30am this morning, I woke up to check and book, but all nice date is not my turn liow, especially those days before and after public holiday. Year end many ppl plan to go holiday, so a bit hard to get. This morning continue to try.

So, click and click date go date return for Macau by this year, free seat almost full. When get to go for free, back time no more free. So, I try to take both way for free. Finally got a limited one on next year January. WIll go with hubby for 5 days. RM510 for 2 pax.

My dad too, wish to go KK, as he have a friendly customer there invite him to go over and he can bring him around to visit and makan, so now is the chance, I book for him to KK on coming Oct.

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huisia said...

why your one is RM510? Mine one just RM506 for 2 pax. From KK to Macau on November till January..