Monday, September 03, 2007

One Word/Sentence

This tag passed from Hui Sia about "One Word/Sentence". Here it goes my answer for all questions.

Where is your cell phone? Table.
Relationship? Married.
Your hair? Straight.
Work? SAHM.
Your sister? No.
Your favorite thing? Shopping.
Your dream last night? Negotiate.
Your favorite drink? Fruit juice.
Your dream car? MyVi.
The room you’re in? Bedroom.
Your shoes? Outside.
Your fears? Lost.
What do you want to be in 10 years? Happier.
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family.
What are you not good at? Communication.
Muffin? Chocolate/Orange.
One of your wish list items? Money.
Where you grew up? Puchong.
Last thing you did? Grab offer.
What are you wearing? Clothes.
What aren’t you wearing? Watch.
Your pet? No.
Your computer? Dell.
Your life? Boring.
Your mood? Sleepy.
Missing? Prayer.
What are you thinking about right now? Lunch.
Your car? Honda.
Your kitchen? Tidy.
Your summer? Everyday.
Your favorite color? Blue.
Last time you laughed? Yesterday.
Last time you cried? Last month.
School? Girls' school.
Love? All who love me.

Easy-peasy ya! What about take this tag as your first Monday post?
The Blue Ranger
Lovely Mummy

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bokjae said...

Hehe! its tough to answer in just 1 word! I failed too! cheers!