Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back to Primary school gathering

It was truly a warm night dinner back at own primary school after left for the past 16 years. There are so many ex-students between 70's-90's are taking their time back for the dinner. Me and Andrew reach before 7pm. Met a lot familiar faces that used to see in school but don't know each other including those teachers. Wow, I just so happy can come back again and it does reminds me a lot of my school days.
Sit 3rd from left - Mdm. Tai, my class teacher for Std 5 & 6

Our class 6J at year 1991 book a table, as confirm 8 ppl are going to turn up, end up only have 4 turn up plus 2 partners total 6 of us having 10 ppl course. Before the dinner starts we are having a quick weekly meeting like what we does during the Monday school day. We sang National anthem and school song...For the school song, I totally forget the lyrics and rhythm. Then we follow by greeting the teachers in the manner like what the class monitor shout when teacher came to teach. Raise, bow and wish the teacher. There were 103 tables fully fitted in the hall which was built back in 17 years ago. Out of expectation, the committee were first wanted to have like 30-40 tables only. The night, many well know and VIP there. They are of cause is ex-students too. Include YB Datin Paduka Chew Mee Fun, some IOI corp VIP and a few well known students in media line. The school and teachers are so proud of having so many capable people produced in the society now.This year, SRJK (C) Chen Moh, PJ is 71 years old. The purpose of this dinner is to raise funds to rebuild the school building which have been said dangerous to used, but still continue to used due to lacking of classrooms. While we having dinner, the committee is presenting some slide shows on some history photos of the school. Student giving dance performances, a singer is singing some oldies and orchestra team is performing too. Also I went to walk around the school compound. It is so small now and the space is very limited to fit in more students and more teaching facilities. The classroom door, windows is still the same old kind which have not been renovate or change in the past. The canteen is same too no changes. Oh my.. as what like YB said our school is too old and really in need to rebuild as soon as possible. Water leaking at everywhere, even the hall we having dinner the ceiling renovation is just completed one day before because of serious leaking.

Class teacher Mdm. Tai came by to sit with us and we chit-chatted. Supposed she has retired at August, but due to the school pretty lack of teachers so she back to work and the school paid her. Teacher told us that the school expenses is getting higher as it is hard to get new teachers which can paid under government, so no choice the school have to pay to get the retiree teacher back to teach with each given 1k only. Chinese school is always lack of funds subsidies from gomen, so when our gomen sees the important of Chinese school. The school just can't move forward in giving a better study environment for new generations. We did recall how our English teacher taught us using a song to recognize grammar usage on single and plural. Till today I still remember it. We are so lucky to get such good language teach to teach us and many other funny moments happen last time.
The building behind us is where I attended my Std 1. It is going to collapse very very soon and rebuild a brand new floor. This the only chance we can took photo with it. The word written "Chen Moh Girls' school", which back in donkey years this school is only for girls.

Dinner calls an end at around 11pm. Total building fund raised was 132k. For more news reported can check here.

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wow.. primary school reunion! i would love to see my primary school friends too~