Monday, September 10, 2007

Joel 1st birthday party

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Last Saturday went over to my uncle's house in Bangsar, celebrating my cousin sis's 2nd son - Joel 1st birthday. We reached there quite early at 5.30pm. Went with my parents only, hubby back late from work.

A clown was there to entertain the kids and small one. Time flies, I was posting his birth last year. Joel and family back from UK for 3 weeks long holidays. Next week they will back. The last round they were here was 3 years ago, when they are celebrating Jemery's (1st son) 1st birthday. My cousin are very happy to see many changes, especially the babies and those just got married.

The night the sky looks like going to rain. Luckily not, we prayed for no heavy rain. Nice buffet food was served. There were mutton, fry butter fish, green oyster, mushroom seacucumber, prawn, spicy sotong, chicken, seafood roll, kou-ci, fruits, ice kacang, wine and etc. I couldn't eat much, mostly spicy. But still have 2 rounds for myself. Terry was behaved super good. He sits beside me on the chair between me and my mum and stay quietly when both of us enjoyed the food for 2 rounds time. He occupied with some kid's party pack I gave him.

I started to discover my boy's real character. He particularly doesn't like any funny faces and yelling kids. When the clown goes near him and gave him the shaped balloon. He was not being scared by the clown and cried. He just wanted to crawl away or turn away his face. There was once at my parent's home, my cousin kids were there. 2 boys jumping on the sofa, yelling here and there and running in out. He got frighten and starts crying. Terry was kind of boy who doesn't like noisy and not actively take his steps to socialized with other kids. He won't sit in the center with a few kids to play, he will move aside to some corner and play. Overall he is just a quiet and "xi men" boy. He not like being in many, he looks more active when having less people around. Wondering when he grows up will be like that.

Ah..where about I talked until. Back to the party. After the cake cutting, we left about 8.30pm. Even my boy showing his tired look, but he still ok and quietly stay with me. Reach home, bath him and feed him porridge before sleep. He still keep his bedtime at 11.30pm, even he is tired after party.

That's our weekend.

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L'abeille said...

Wow, sounds like you've a fun filled weekend yourself ;)