Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last weekend without hubby

Last Saturday, back to my parent's home over-night. In the evening on the way back, we went pack our diner and buy some groceries. Back home, feed the small boy and bath him. Suppose it is time for his 2nd nap. May be different place already and he is so busy crawling here and there. His face really so tired, hope that he can sleep early.

After dinner while we watching TV he was trying to climb up the sofa. So I just take the chance taught him once, which leg go up first and come down, he know already. So excited and he keep on doing that for like at least got 50 times. He just do it easily and very happy performing it too, since the seat level is about at his waist line. Ours one is higher he not manage to climb yet. Oh to make him sleep...getting more and more energetic playing there.

Is our bedtime, so tuck him in, after finish his milk he continue to play here and there on the bed, still don't want to lie down with us. Me and my mum also very tired and wanted to sleep early. Since my mum will wake up to cook a dish for our church lunch and I'm going to help out at carnival. Really hard to look after him sleep on the same bed. Afraid he climb towards the bedside and fall down. So both of us also can't sleep.

Finally, he fall asleep at 11.30pm at his normal sleeping time. Think he can sleep through the night since no 2nd nap. So I also fast fast sleep. Who knows, he wail at 1.30am, must be not comfortable sleeping in different bed or having a bad dream there. So I cuddle him a while and let him watch TV to stop his loud crying. Put him back to bed, he continue to sleep. Now, my turn can't sleep. I tell myself must sleep no matter how, else I would not have energy to work a whole day at carnival. Not sure whether I'm sleep tight over the night, at 4.30am this boy wail again. This time I no longer cuddle him, feed him milk. He don't want, push away. SO got to wake up and cuddle him a while. After he stop crying only able to drink it. Then, he back to sleep after that. I continue my sleep too till like 7.45am.

Wake up even my eye still half close, but the joyful in my heart to serve later in the carnival is getting stronger. Even not enough sleep, I know God above will give me the rest of the energy. Mum makes me 泡参汤, what a boosting soup for me...After packing up for myself and let my mum know about Terry stuff. I went out, Terry still sleep soundly.

Pls continue to read the carnival post...

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