Friday, September 14, 2007

What happen?

Exactly 3 months ago, I'm writing 2 posts with Bloggerwave. During that time, the offers is no segmentation like which are the Country can do and those ranking stuff. I think around that time, many of us also sign up with them and done the offer. As usual I got my posts approved after a few days and happily waited the day due to get my payments. As stated in FAQ, we are supposed to get our payment after 30 days upon approval.

After more than 1.5 months time, I'm still waiting for their notification about the payment. I did ask some bloggers who did the post before me, they have some frustration too on the late payment. They waited more than 2 months time to get it, but somehow they still get paid.

So, since no news, I emailed them once to ask about it. After many days, there is no news from them too. Login my account to check under the Postings tab, the posts I did is still sitting there. At the dashboard, the "Active" column is stated 2 and "Amount Due" stated correctly for the total going to paid. Think should be fine, so continue to wait. OK, on the other site, I can understand that they are new in paid post market and giving the site some changes before this.

Until today, I re-login and check again. I found my "Postings" tab list is empty, "Active" column become 0 and Amount Due column is $0.00.


Can they just take off the posts we did before? We are eligible for the payment, whereby at that time those offers were not under segmentations. Currently for the same offers which I did before is under segmentation whereby they have exclude Malaysia. Hello, can you just ignore to pay us just based on your current new segmentation. Which means last time the post not under segmentation, now that with new segmentations we become not qualified and you can just not pay us based on that reason? It doesn't make sense at all! ok ok, may be this is just based on some of my own find out about the segmentations, but what can you explain on my dashboard is all empty now? After reading all this I can't stop ranting it out here, very very angry! I try to contact them, by sending them a ticket. At the "Contact Us" page only can display up to the banner, the content fail to display. Well, can be server problem (I'm chatting with Mummy-in-vain and she can load the contact form). So, what are they trying to do? get us sign up, blog for their offers, reject post without notice and stop payment?

As a professional paid post company, they have lost most of the blogger trust now, perhaps advertiser too. Blogs with NO PAY! it is a worst worst site. Which advertiser want them to get blogger post now. Not to said more, a paid post site with almost no offers can let us do (the same set of offers can run for more than 3 months - probably have start loosing advertiser) and saying they are gaining strong with several thousands sign up (pui!). Don't show it off if you can't provide us what we bloggers want. So, for those who wrote for Bloggerwave before, you know what to do now, go check your account to double confirm what I said is correct. I think from this point onwards we can remove them from our paid post list. $20 is not too big, but enough to buy and see what is a cheater did to us. We have other better one to do. What for making us so confuse anymore. Bloggerwave's blogger lets us stop writing for them.


Lovely Mummy said...

i did received 2 payments from them long time ago in one of my blog only. since then, i didnt write for it anymore in other blogs.

FL Sam said...

Me too received 3 payments from them.But 3 more still pending. After that I stop writing for them. Anyway, they have very little opportunities. :)

L'abeille said...

Mine was not paid too. I stopped writing for them long long time ago.

montessorimum said...

I've been paid , but waited for very long and sending them 2 - 3 mails, they either send back an automated mail or no reply at all.

This is one fishy company. Let's ban Bloggerwave. Lou Yeah

Amidrin said...

wow, there really is such thing happening. I am new to blogging for money thing and I definately does not whan that happening to me or my friends. Yeah, hopes everyone ban Bloggerwave.

BlurMommy said...

I think I wrote about 5 emails b4 I got paid. They never acknowledged any of my emails but I just kept sending them email till they got fed up & send me the pymt. Try that & see if it works. Send them the screenshots of the post. $20 is not much but it is rightfully ours mah, right?