Monday, September 24, 2007

You make me *sMiLE*

Throughout these years of blogging, the things I love is I can shared with many about my joy and my stories. Along the way, I met many great friends and read a lot of your life stories and experiences. The simplest reason I find that was actually everyone can simply makes me smile. That not necessary to be a big laugh out loud, as long as you are doing fine with things happen around you or some days you have been cheer up by something and the happiness you carry around in your post. As I read on it, I feel the joyous for you too and it certainly puts the nice curve on my face.

Many thanks to Mariuca - The Genie Princess for this special award. Another small thing you did can simply makes me smile to keep away my Monday blues. Also, thank you all of you who have put a smile on me.

Hui Sia
Montessori Mum
Desperate Mummy


L'abeille said...

Thanks Judy!

montessorimum said...

Thank you so much Judy. :D

ShannonC. said...

I'm glad I do...
I've added this to my list of tags, but but but, i have so many i don't know when I'm going to start... :|
Gimme some time kay? :D

Sasha said...

Thanks JUDY now u made me SMILE! Muaks!

LA My Home said...

thanks!! =)