Tuesday, September 25, 2007

He is good at this

Since last 2 week, Terry knows how to climb sofa chair. I never taught him that to climb, just help him to go up the chair once only. He is expert doing it now with the sofa height at my mum's house. He happily doing that again and again. Up and down is no problem by himself. Yesterday night, while I'm watching TV, he wanted to perform the stunt again at my sofa which is more higher. He keeps on hugging the chair very tight and used all his energy to go up, only manage to climb half way then fall back. He only manage to go up with my little help to hold on one of his leg which is almost up the chair.

I never taught him to go down bed. That day happen that he crawl towards the bedside. I said:"Boy, don't go. Here is going to fall". Immediately he turn his leg facing the bedside and hold tight the bedside then go down. As he grow many things I didn't taught he know by himself. Like to get down from his push car, also I never taught him.

As time goes by all the way bringing him up, I see a lot of God's grace in creating human, many things no need to teach we know by ourself.


Baby Darren said...

I agree...darren also mastered the skill of getting down the bed without me teaching. I was surprised that he knows to turn his body and leg down first..it was amazing..

can terry walk already?

Lemonjude said...

He not yet walk, just can stand unsupported.

yatie'scorner said...

Jude, My lil gal can climb to her haigh chair

lagi berani

she's good climber