Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Most Embarrassing Moment

A title being tag by Lovely Mummy. Really paiseh to tell how embarrass I am in the public.

There was once me and my good friends attending our favorite artist Lee Hom concert to promote his new album at PGRM. We reach there earlier so that can stand at a nice angle to watch him for the night. Before we get to enter the hall, we wait outside. We saw some of the fans pulling down the poster paste around like no one business, so me and my friend also went to another corner and taking down one of it.

Then, an event worker came to us and shout in loud, pointing with her finger. Who ask you to take it down, paste it back now! Wow, so takut and embarrass on the notty did >.< So we faster put it back quietly without saying much with many eyes looking at us. I was mumbling with my friends later, why not those other who taking down a few at the same time being caught too.

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Annie Q said...

haha..this is really embarrassing!!