Friday, September 14, 2007

I want to eat some

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* Saw Sasha animated Jay's pic with multiple shoots, so cute. Did some research on how to make it, so I make one today using Adobe ImageReady 3.0*

See this is how my boy tip his toe and want to grab my spoon. Even when I'm feeding him he will try to push away my hand and want to hold on the spoon tip. But when I let him to feed himself, he don't want.

When the foods are placing on table, if he can't get to hold the spoon tip or bowl side, he will grab the table mat and slowly bring it nearer to him. Now I can't put my food towards to table side..he simply can grab it. My neck will go long, coz need to eat where my plate place towards middle of the table.

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Amidrin said...

hahaha... he is so cute!