Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Have your breakfast?

It is just so lazy to cook a proper breakfast. I extremely seldom do that. Normally I will have a glass of Quaker Oat milk and a 2 slice of bread to start off my day. Sometimes cup noodle will do. If it is too late to eat, I just take a glass of milk thats it and do a proper lunch later.
This is what I'm having an hour ago. Once a while I will have this delicious nasi lemak sotong as breakfast, a drink (either fruit juice/milk/coffee) and food for soul (newspaper). Last month, there is a mamak restaurant open at one of the shoplot here. I got more choices now. Sometimes I will have roti canai or their nasi lemak. It truly fill up my morning stomach and got energy to blog and blog.

So, what are you having for your breakfast or you skip it?

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Amidrin said...

my breakfast in the office is usually Milo and biscuits. On weekends not working, I have more varieties but definately not biscuits. I very seldom skip my breakfast, if I wake up late, it would be brunch for me.