Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not alone

Yesterday morning, hubby went to ClubMed-Cherating with his HLA Agents for Annual Agency meeting, award presentation, training and trip. It is just 3 days 2 nights, and I stay back at home, not going anywhere. I was quite worried as he is going to the beach side, as lately the earthquake is Padang, Indonesia have somehow effected our land with some shaking around Peninsular. Well, may be the sea coast over the other side of the Peninsular may not effected that much. I just remind him to be extra careful and not to play on the beach. I'm praying hard that he have a safe journey and peace during holidays.

So hubby not in, I no need to cook. Yesterday got lunch delivery and my dad packed Bak Kut Teh for my dinner. For today I got to eat some mamak food first before my mum fetch me over to her house later. I just hate cooking for my own. I started to get used of staying back alone now without hubby. If I'm alone staying in the house I may feel scared at night, but with Terry accompany it is fine. My day are fully occupied with my boy and blogging. There are 2 more pending paid post to be done, and since the due date is not near yet, I give myself sometime to rest a while (brain need to rest to have good idea on how to give good review ma...) .

Back at my mum's place I can be like a queen. Got parents pampered and help to play with Terry. May be in the evening go out for a walk or shopping. Tomorrow Sunday will be my church - Charisma Baptist (Lestari branch) Carnival-fare. I involve in the work of some registration. It gonna to be fun. We have planned on this carnival many months back to draw more new comer to join our church, and also part of the community work. It will be held in Lestari Perdana, opposite Jusco Taman Equine from 1pm-6pm. A field just opposite our church's shoplots. There are game booths, free drinks and snack, chess competitions, blood donations, professional service like Rockwills, lawyer advise on various, ENT check and psychology and mentality advise from our pastor's wife. All are FOC.

Terry got to be at home with my mum on Sunday, as I'm not free to be with him. Will back with photos and post next week.

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