Thursday, September 20, 2007

Love & Care Carnival

Last Saturday, I was being so excited to look forward on the Sunday Love-Care carnival organized by my church - Chrisma Baptist Church (Lestari Branch). This is our very first big project over in the new branch since it opens 2 months ago. I just feel so joyful on these 2 days don't know why, even I know I need to help out the whole day in the event.

We not worship at own main church on last Sunday, but all members shift there as after worship is easier to get things setup and ready. I have been inform to take care Information and Gift counter. Setup started right after worship and light refreshment ends. In fact the worship hours is shorten too. Actually not only me, I saw many are excited too. Is just like joy of Jesus celebrate feast with his disciples.

Canopy rental peoples are setting up the big 8 big tents, chairs are moving out from the worship hall to the entrance outside, Plants are place around the entrance, big speakers are place on left on right of the entrance, signboard are sticking up to show visitors where are the contest venue, toilet and etc, games booth set up at the opposite field, participant which we invite are slowly come and set up their things, 500 balloons are being blow up to distribute at Jusco and nearby place to get more visitors, UM medical officer came to set up for blood donation. Everybody was so busying running up and down to get everything up within 2 hours. We have our lunch at church too prepared by own members...So long I didn't have such work together moment. No wonder I'm so looking forward for it.

After lunch, we almost get ready for the carnival. All workers are tied up shape balloons on our arms. Some visitors are come slowly. People come to ask for contests registration and ask for exchange mystery gift with coupon cut out found in the brochure. Me and Esther in charge of the counter started to get busy. It suppose drawing contest for age 6-9 yr old is full, but parents keep on wanted to let their kids in to join. So no point to turn them down as some of them reach there very early. So the seat from 20 for that age group, we open up to unlimited. We didn't expect the turn up very well. The seats for all other contests like quiz and chess are open up too and accept all participant till the contest time starts. Each contests manage to top up a lot of new participants. Most people like to join drawing contest, the hall is just nice fit all in with table and chair, else some may sit on the floor.

When the YB Loh reach, the carnival program starts. The sky also started to rain, but not heavy still manage to walk without umbrella on. Speech presented by Pastor Suen and followed by YB. This YB, think is Kelana Jaya one, somehow have a bit connection with our church member. He is Mdm. Chong's son-in-law. After speech by YB and some presentation by our kids and members. YB cut the helium balloons as to announced the official opening of the carnival. Visitors started getting more and more even it is still raining. Games booth are crowded with kids and parents, but over the other side for professional service and participant booth are a bit quiet. Clown is running around to entertain kids with more and more balloons.

I got to shout while working at my counter, coz the loud speaker is just opposite us. Playing Chinese pop songs. Since many people are asking things, so I got to shout when talking to them. Luckily not run out of voice after work. After all 3 contests end at 4.30pm, I manage to earn some points from playing the games at the games booth. There are 9 different games booth. Points collected can exchange for more prizes. I collected 260 points exchanged for 2 gifts and a mystery gift. Blood donation manage to collect about 60 bags.

Everything goes slow after 5.30pm, we started to clean up, at the same waiting for those kids who still play until don't want to go to finish their rounds and redeem prizes. At contest side, the expert chess players are still fighting in the final stage. Both are brothers actually. At 6pm, everything are back into order and we leave.

A very meaningful community event to draw new visitors to know us and hopefully they are more new comers to join our branch church. Praise God and glory to God. Some pictures taken.


L'abeille said...

Wow! Sounds fun ler! Got peanut namecards somemore hehe..

Trinity said...

Oowww... love the slides! Looks fun! All the activities are creative and great..


Amidrin said...

Wow, I think God has really bless the carnival as there turn out to be so many people there. What a nice introduction to the new church branch. Praise the Lord!