Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ladies fashion & accessories shop

Something new for those who love online shopping. Come across a few local website on
clothes and accessories. Here are some of my reviews about this site, feel free to take a look if you like.

~ Young and trendy ladies dress, top, bottom, handbags and accessories.
~ Reasonable price.
~ Currently there are some sales and promotion going on.

Fashion Monger
~ Young and trendy ladies wear.
~ Selling methods is different from webstore.
~ Many terms and conditions, go check at her blog.

Sze Accessories
~ High-class accessories - Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key rings.
~ Selling in USD.
~ Very nice, but expensive.

~ Hand-made crystal beats accessories - bracelets, watches, earrings.
~ Owner is my friend. This is not a proper webstore yet. Currently use to display her collections.
~ Order can be place through email. Made upon request, with not much ready stock.
~ Reasonable price.

~ Maternity wear store.
~ Available in boutique too.
~ Young and trendy style.
~ Reasonable price.

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Sze Yoong said...

Hi! Thanks for linking my website which is the Www.SzeAccessories.Com one here. You'll be able to find the new collection with a much more reasonable pricing. Hope you'll like them when you check them out.