Tuesday, September 11, 2007

15 months old

** Updated at 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old **

Weight: 11.4 kg (as at 20/8)
Height: 82cm
Teeth: 13 (5 up, 8 down)
Milk: 6-7 oz
Solid: Porridge

It is going to be late if I'm still not update about this lil' boss. He is about to reach 16 months old next week.

Some story about this little boy. Took the Chicken Pox jap and have another hair cut. Since after 1 year old, no longer shave his hair, hair cut means only trim. This month during bedtime he is not wailing that much anymore, at least not every night. After last feed, put him to bed then play with me a while or his toy or sit on the bed bubbling to himself. When he sees no one response to him, he will just drop his head down to sleep.

There were a few night it is suppose times to eat before sleep, very unusual he just push away his milk bottle, which he normally loves milk very much. Sometimes need to force and after big small wailing only able to wallop it (very naughty..).

Know a lot of action now. Those he can follow he will do. Even we teach him to say some words, he say out with is own language. Like,

Amen (say prayer) - Ah...wuuu...
Hello (talk on phone) - Ohh..(with hand put at ear)
One, Two, Three - Dae..
Bird - Burb
This - Is..

Very good in digging stuff now. Whichever drawer or cupboard he open he'll try to take things out or repeatedly open and close it. Previously, when he saw a TV program ending with running out all casting names, he will indicate with hand action (open, close palm) said no more. Now even more pandai, through the music of the program without seeing it, he knows it is ending.

He can go on knee crawl now, but after a while he back to army crawl. He started to stand without support, but still rarely do it, unless he holds on something in hand then he able to balance it for few seconds.

This month let him try on beef porridge. I used lean beef meat added with anchovies to cook. Taste nice. Not yet started on rice with soup, he still not able to chew well. Everything he eats, he used to swallow only without giving much chewing. Now still training him to chew. Potty train still going on. But sometimes he don't like to sit and poo. There is a few days back to poo in diaper.He loves this small car a lot! will get angry and cry if you take away even he is not playing with it. He is able to move around when sitting on it. Whenever there is no way to stop him from wailing and throwing tantrum at midnight, this car can calm him down. Lastly, mummy said I'm
cute in baby cap.


Lovely Mummy said...

Terry so cute....he is quite heavy too..Marcus is 9.5kg now only, he is always like to open drawers n cabinets like Terry...

vickylow said...

Terry clever boy know a lot of words

L'abeille said...

He looks so much like you eh...

Cute little boy!