Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back to primary school dinner

Tomorrow is the dinner. So fast this day is come and I get to meet up a few of my few-years-no-see classmates and class teacher too. The organizer bought a table, so that we can sit in a same table and not separated. Only 8 of us able to make it out of 40+ in the class. Some wanted to come, but couldn't make it or at overseas, some lost contact, some totally lost contact.

Thats how the situation, for the past 16 years things keep on changing. Those who really keep contact with each other really less. Plus our gathering rate is getting less and less and the turn up rate is getting worst too. I hope with this kind of gathering will tie back all of us. Since the newspaper reported on this dinner end of August, I have plan to go. No matter how, I have to arrange and go for it. The purpose of this dinner is to accumulate funds to rebuild the old classroom's building which cause flood during rains (thats my Standard 1 classroom previously) and also upgrade some school facilities.

Now, I still haven't really arrange Terry who to put to while I'm away for a few hours. Dinner ends for sure around 10pm+. I go back my parent's home after dinner then only back together with Terry or get Terry back home first and hubby baby-sit him.

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