Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ex-student from SRJK(C) Chen Moh - P.Jaya. Wanted!!!

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The newspaper cut out above is from China Press front page on Tuesday ago (28/8), calling for all ex-student from SRJK(C)Chen Moh. The primary school wanted to welcome back the past year student back to the school to have a look on 23th September. Yes, I was from this primary school back in year 1986-1991. From the pic you can see many current famous people are produced from this school. Like DAP Chew Mee Fun, Astro program host - Siao Hui Min (Ch.30), Yen Jiang Han & Zheng Jing Ting (Ch.19) and Wu Jian Piao - our politician newbies who just join MCA.

This news reported no any further, just the above short one. Wondering whats going on on that day. I'm thinking to go back to have a look to see the changes and recall back my good old study days. I still remember which classroom I used before from Std 1 - Std 6 and roughly my sitting position too...Oppss....memory are start bringing me back there now...My class teacher just got retired last year August. It has been sometimes I didn't manage to join the classmate gathering, it is getting lesser and lesser each year for those who can turn up. Hopefully I can call up a few closed one see if they interested to join me.


LiL'deviL said...

Hi, got your link from the blogging tips tag. Nice blog.

I hardly remember most of my teachers from secondary school, let alone primary school. Do, take some time to go visit your old school. It'll bring back sweet memories.

huisia said...

wah, that's cool to meet back old friends and teachers.

btw, a tag for you -
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Brendaswing said...

HI, Im brenda from chen moh 6H 2001. i met my classmates recently. Reminds me of those days we went through together.