Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get ready for Merdeka

Our country celebrate 50th anniversary Independence this year and since beginning of the year media are very much emphasis on this special event of the year. They are taking the opportunity to rise the spirit of this meaningful event by having concert and doing lots of activity to celebrate. I like the section from Astro whereby everyday featuring one National day baby and also on Ch.8 during News section featuring some story about special citizen from Malaysia. What so proud for we being Malaysian are we can live in country with different races, ethnic and religions and of cause our multi-language ability.

The Merdeka day is getting near, yesterday news showing that the parade teams and performers are getting busy preparing, practice and rehearsal. Since the beginning of the week, there are practices going on above the sky of my place early in the morning. A few helicopters round and round for about 15-20 mins with each hanging a flag flew in a line.
Last time during school day I love watching the Merdeka celebration live from TV. After married I have not been watching it every year. This year hopefully I can get up early to watch this meaningful 50th anniversary Merdeka celebration and I'm sure there are more things to see. Heard my cousin sis just got back from UK are bringing their 2 sons to watch the parade with the crowd at KL.

Here wishing all Malaysian a Happy Independence Day (and Happy Holiday) may the country continue to stay peaceful and prosperous.

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vickylow said...

Ya after grown up, I didn't watch the live celebration too. Will lay on bed have my sweet dream. I think this year (tomorrow) I will watch it since Chloe will wake up for milk. ;)