Monday, August 13, 2007

8 things about me

Angeleyes send me this simple tag. Later on when I go ke-poh on others what they talk about it, only I found out that my name down on the same tag from Montessorimum. *sorry for not reading your blog*

Here goes:-
  1. My name is Judy (everyones know about it), Lemonjude is the nick I used in blogging.
  2. People have problem pronounce my middle name "SHWN".
  3. I baptised as a Christian 10 years ago, after 5 years attending church.
  4. I can go sick if work under pressure.
  5. I can remember well my childhoods living, but not those moments after 20's (brain start to have low memory?)
  6. Forever not go boring on shopping.
  7. I'm the "information counter" for my family.
  8. I have those little luck in life. (eg. in lucky draw, win prizes and etc..)
The lucky 8, I want to know more about you:-
Peimun & kendra
Lovely Mummy


Jesslyn said...

Wow, can win prizes easily ar? Now, tell me what number will come out in 4D! LOl

Lemonjude said...

I also wish that I can win in 4D, so far not strike for any yet.

wHOisBaBy said...


L'abeille said...

SHWN? to pronounce ar?

Colleen said...

Thanks for the tag... and I returned you a favour.. ;-p Enjoy..