Thursday, August 09, 2007

3rd time template change

Previous template

This is the 3rd time change, which also the shortest time between last change. Due to some readers having difficulty loading my blog, slow and hang, probably a change will ease off the problem. After crawling over all blog template design site, choose and testing those template I downloaded, do many research, trial and error on CSS script and also on beta blogger. Finally, a change using back the template supply from will be a good choice.

Currently this Stretch Denim theme template is supported by beta version. It is easy to use, more to click and drag based without touching the CSS script. Changes made are like, design my own image header and the page elements added before blog post column. For this adding extra page elements on top of blog post, got to do a bit changes on CSS script. I got the help from the tutorial I read some days ago. For other side bar page elements, colour and font setting are quite straight forward from wizard tab. Overall beta version is more user friendly without need to edit CSS like classic template, especially when add on new things to side bar, got to take care a lot of the HTML open end codes.

Again from this round change, I learn new things.


Baby Darren said...

this template is better..load faster and easy to leave a comment. Good work...:)

Jacelyn Chew said...

good job and very creative of u! the template looks nice....:)