Sunday, August 05, 2007

14 months old

Height: 81cm
Weight: Going to 11kg
Teeth: 11 (4 up, 7 down), teeth on eruption not counted.
Milk: 7-8 oz each, 3 times
Water: 6 oz
Solid: Porridge day and night + fruits

Nothing big changes, still crawl. Lately when he crawl, he used knee crawl a few steps then back to army crawl. Obviously show his teething uncomfortable by wailing at night. Last week he starts demand for midnight feed. Last night, I try to make more oz for his last feed. He is able to finish that 8 oz milk and sleep. To my surprise, he can stop wailing by just having water for 3 times with eye closed then back to sleep when he drank enough. I think it time to top up milk for him during last feed, so that he able to sleep till morning. I don't want to carry on this midnight feed and try to correct his eating time back to normal. These 2 nights he is not that wailing that much, think teething difficulty is over.
  • Likes to open drawer and dig things out. After he play enough with those stuff he dig out, he will sweep away the things here and there.
  • Likes to hold the milk bottle cap and try to cover back the bottle by himself after drinking. Even likes to play with it when I gave him the empty one.
  • Switch on and off TV button, open/close player deck and always want to hold on remote control.
  • Whatever we holding on to eat, he will cry for it.
  • Kiss on all stuff that he likes, but just not kiss his mummy and daddy.
  • Even he still not able to stand without support, he likes us to hold under his arm and walk fast/run.
  • Giggle when watch his favourite cartoon: Mickey mouse, Barney and Pocoyo.
  • Action I never taught him, he did from what he observed - always I tied my hair infront of him. Once I gave him my hairband, he take and put behind his head, indicating that this thing is place at there.

Here are some snapshot on a typical day
Morning after shower - watching TV

After 1.5 hours on TV - Get ready to take nap

Wake up from 1st nap - eat lunch

Crawling after lunch and poo-ed

Lying on the floor

2nd nap around evening


yatie'scorner said...

Judy, So nice Terry has 2 naps every day.
Mine once but they sleep whole night

Anyway his activity almost a same with mine ( when they were around Terry's age)

L'abeille said...

Terry's growing up to be a fine young man :)

Annie Q said...

Love Terry pictures, all so nice and lovely!

papajoneh said...

Cool. Terry growing up so fast and taking nap twice. He even look matured. So nice.