Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another new home

Currently staying at 10 floor, a small unit apartment, facing a wide golf course and greenery view from the balcony with quiet surrounding. Nothing much to complain. We choose this view for not facing to the road which is noisy and dusty. But the recent rapid constructions going on and the traffic here is not what we like.

The construction works are: the overhead bridge right in front of entrance especially (don't know connect from where to Bukit Jalil-Puchong highway) is going to open soon, under construction Saujana condo develop by Berjaya and a building inside the Sport school area.

For traffic wise, whenever there is big function going on at Stadium our entrance's traffic light will be closed up (we need to go further to next junction to make 'U' turn). Road closed from MRR2 exit to Sri Petaling to Bukit Jalil if having big football match (got to take the next Sri Petaling exit route to Bukit Jalil) and of cause everyday morning and after working hour is traffic jam. Parking also a bit problem for our 2nd car. Those who back late and happen visitor parking is full then got to park at the road side. So far we kena once saman for that.

Hubby have talk about want to shift long ago to East Lake at Seri Kembangan, near by South City Plaza, one of the condo belongs to my FIL. 1,100 sq ft, swimming pool view, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Condo facilities with swimming pool and club house. Monday night, we went over to take a look. Not many live in there, road in front of the condo still closed up. At night it is very very quiet. Overall the condo still dusty and many things not yet touch up. We went and check inside the house. Everything is there, build in cabinet at dining room, bedroom and kitchen, lights, water heater, 4 air-con, TV, washing machine, kitchen stove, kitchen hood, fridge, bed, dining table and chairs, sofa set and coffee table and alarm system. Tight security here, main door look need thumb print and set pin to open door (currently not in use yet, still open with key). Each floor not having many units, currently our floor nobody live in yet.


Dining area


Master bedroom


It is a luxury home, as a phase at lobby lift saying "Back Home like going back to Hotel" (something like that). But I found that it is not a baby friendly home. Master bedroom and living room windows are height as the wall, where the small window at knee length can be simply open up by kids. Standing beside the master bedroom's window is like standing at the side edge of the building, where you very scary to look down. Those build in cabinet is not place at somewhere for us easy to move. Table shape edge are everywhere, cabinet size also small kind, no balcony (no proper place to dry cloth). Another thing, that 2 toilets are very small, think 3 people stand in side will not able to turn. Kitchen is big but all cabinet placement is not a single that I like. Thats some good and not good of fully furnished home.

So as overall, if were to stay, got to renovate 50% of it, else is hard to get me to stay there. Since everything is in, is kind of waste also to renovate again. I still very much prefer my current small unit.

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