Monday, August 06, 2007


Went to shop again last Saturday at 1 Utama in search for new pair of shoes. Since mum going over to Kota Damansara - my cousin sis place, so I take the opportunity to let Terry follow my parents then I can go shop alone. A very fast shopping, 2 hours look, try and compare price at all shoe shops. Finally got 2 pairs that I'm very satisfied with the price and style. A pair of casual sandal and a ladies shoe. August is the actual month having Mega sales, mostly shops are now having high discount, but I don't have enough time to go in and check what are the good deals, else can shop for more.

After shop, took a cab back to my cousin sis house and eat her tasty nasi lemak with squid in chilis (yummy!). Chit-chat with all my aunty drop by at KL from north and south. Wait till my boy wakes from his 3 hours nap, then back home cook dinner.

Sunday, no one help me in church with Terry, so I skipped church. Also, missed Kwan's princess fullmoon party. Coz my mum overnight at cousin house and later at noon back for doctor appointment, quite busy, so don't want to trouble.

Supposed went to my beautician there to listen a health talk (by invitation) on how ladies wearing a bra, the correct way of wearing it and what are the sickness can cause if wearing a wrong bra. Due to hubby many reasons for not fetching me, so I miss this good talk. Probably he not able to handle Terry alone without me, but he just didn't say it out. So later after Terry wake from his 1st nap, we went window shop at The Store, pack dinner then back home.

After Terry have his evening feed, I went opposite the stadium there for TV3 'Jom Heboh' Carnival. It is full of people and actually over the weekend the place is jam up with people and cars. Till the traffic light in front of my place is closed up. I take my own sweet time walk over and check out what are the stalls having.

Normally this kind of carnival stuff, a lot of Malays visit. Big small kids and babies are in prams and people holding many bags of sales item. Things are selling hot in RM10 per set or per bag. People grabbing them like free. Actually is just slightly cheaper than outside. Some booth having games and free food tasting and people are queuing up long for it. Booth I saw and I remembered are: Suzuki, Bridgestones, AAM, Dutch Lady, Mamee, Fernleaf, Nutrigen, Campbells, Drypers, CCM, Berita Harian, Silky Girl, Jacker's, Munchy's, Ali café, Nescafé, Hotlink and etc..I bought some yogurt for Terry, Pink Guava juice and Campbells soups.

That's my weekend.


Annie Q said...

i like the ladies shoe, look very nice and comfy.
So nice can hv 2 hours retail not even one hour lei..

TheBlueRanger said...

nice shoes! i passed by the stadium also last saturday evening, it's packed!

Baby Darren said...

wah...nice shoes and looked comfy...i always can't seems to find nice and comfy shoes around and ended up buying aunty shoes...