Monday, August 20, 2007

32 sentences that starts with "I"

Last week pending tags comes from Beelibaala. Everything starts with "I", on how I spend my Sunday.
  1. I remembered I have 2 overdue tags in draft.
  2. I need to finish as soon as possible.
  3. I am here writing one of it.
  4. I feel Monday blue too even I'm not working.
  5. I tell you what I did on Sunday.
  6. I went to church in the morning.
  7. I didn't have a chance to sit in the hall for the whole worship section.
  8. I push my boy sitting in the stroller went outside of the hall because he is cranky.
  9. I started to entertain him in whatever way I can, just to make him quiet.
  10. I am happy to met little baby Kwan in the church for the first time.
  11. I have time to chit-chat with others after church ends.
  12. I back my parent's home later.
  13. I went shopping again after lunch.
  14. I asked my parents to take care of Terry while I'm away.
  15. I went with my brother as he want to shop for a pair of leather shoe.
  16. I bought a few new pajamas for my boy and some kitchen stuff.
  17. I found that discount and sales things are not that good.
  18. I help my brother to decide which shoe design looks good on him.
  19. I drop my credit card cheque to postbox on the way back home.
  20. I find my boy was still napping when I'm back.
  21. I have my dinner with my mum first before he wakes.
  22. I watch TV after dinner while waiting my boy wakes.
  23. I gave evening feed to Terry before back to my house.
  24. I packed my stuff properly before loading it to my dad's car.
  25. I saw my mum carry Terry happily watching birds flying, cars and dogs passing outside my house.
  26. I reached my home sweet home at 8.10pm.
  27. I wash up things lying in the kitchen and bath Terry.
  28. I heat up the porridge cooked by my mum in the noon and feed Terry after bath.
  29. I feel tired, so didn't went online to finish up the pending paid post.
  30. I did remind hubby to bring Terry to doctor this morning for chicken pox injection, but he went to work very early.
  31. I wake up very early too wanted to finish up my paid posts, but the site is down.
  32. I go for other paid posts and check mail after that, before I start off my daily work.
That's how I passed my typical Sunday.

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L'abeille said...

Wah not bad eh, can finish 32 sentences talking all about your weekend activities...

I only have 1 'I' sentence to say about my weekend "Internet Deprivation"