Thursday, August 16, 2007

Potty train

I know it is late to start on with my boy. No? may be, as I can see my boy is not ready to sit on potty around 8-9 months old, so wait till today where he can sit properly and steady, somehow it is not late too. Through some potty chat with my friends, it is better to let them sit to poo before they know how to walk. I'm salute those can train since newborn...when they are still fragile and soft and no timing for poo, basically it is hard for me.

It is better to be train after he can sit else you got to carry him to poo, which my boy will wail once I carry him in that position. Now he can nicely sit on the traditional round potty, the one we bought it during wedding..the medium size. I was wanted to get him a baby potty from Chicco before this. Since now he is comfortable sitting on it and can poo, so I no need to get him that.

It was started last Friday, right after the morning feed, let him crawl a while, then put him on the pot. I put a chair sit in front of him, give him something on hand to play and start accompany with lots of 'ngm ngm' sounds there. After 25 mins long, he poo-ed and wee in the pot. Bravo to my baby! He not even wail and kick or trying to stand up, cause he can't walk yet. I foresee if he started to walk and not used to potty he will walk away.

For the rest of the day during morning hours, he is not taking longer time to finish his business. No problem now to go on potty. Sometimes he poo twice a day. I did try to put him after lunch, but he wail. So, there is a few days the second poo is on diapers. Surprisingly yesterday noon for the very first time after lunch he cry, a very unusual did. So I faster open his diaper and put him on pot. In less than 20 minutes he poo-ed. Does that sounds like his poo signal?

Almost everyday, I keep on telling him that,"Boy, you are big baby now, have to learn to poo in pot and not diapers, also if you want to poo please tell mummy." Don't know whether he can understand what this mummy trying to tell him, anyway just try. Hopefully for the few days coming down, he able to start giving signal (and not false signal), so that it is more easier for me to put him on pot.

Here are some basic tips on how to let baby train to sit on potty:
  1. Start when he able to sit.
  2. Buy a suitable size of potty which can fit them well when sitting on it.
  3. Let them poo after meal or feed. They have energy to push.
  4. To redirect attention of sitting on pot, give them something to play.
  5. Be patient, accompany with 'ngm' 'ngm' sounds, or whatever you used to make him poo.
If the above you have done not apply to your baby, probably he is not ready for that. Remember don't force them. The youngest to train the better, it is easier to discipline them. Anytime when they can start to independent later, like at age of 2.5-3 yrs, they able to do the business with less supervision.


wHOisBaBy said...

bravo for terry! they understand what we tell them. they do! soon you will see him signalling to you when he needs to go. it could be a red face, a simple wail, something. i also started telling my son long long time ago that he needed to let me know if he going to poop, and finally one day he did.

vickylow said...

Ya I try to train Chloe after meal too, tell her to ngm...ngm... but sometimes pee only.