Friday, August 24, 2007

8 Random Facts about My Mum

Most of the time tags are talking about myself. This time a bit special, tag comes from LovelyMummy want to talk about my mummy.

Here goes 8 random facts about my mum - Madam Leong.
  1. She is 60 years old now, happily married to my father 32 years ago with 2 lovely children, my elder brother and me...
  2. Currently she work as a cooker in a kinder-care center.
  3. She is good in cooking and sewing. She work as sewing man's trouser for the past 15+ years ago.
  4. She always tell us on her past and hope that we live a better future.
  5. She can drive.
  6. She can nag and nag non-stop if we do something not in her way. After all it is for our good.
  7. She rather take the money to eat better to get healthier than go travel.
  8. She is a very loyal worker, giving to work more than 100%, she even said sick also must work. It is extremely rare to see her getting MC.
I want to more about your beloved mum too,
Desperate Mummy

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