Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lunch delivery

For those SAHM, how did you prepared lunch for only yourself eating? Did you purposely heat the wok and cook for the little bit then wash whole lots of things before you get to eat?

After 1 year staying at home, I have actually no idea how to cook for myself and what to eat. Normally my lunch will be left over from last dinner, bread, noodles (sometimes instant) or sometime really cook proper lunch with soup and dish. I really get so boring of cooking own lunch as it is waste of time doing the hassle work. If only my place got food stall or restaurant I'll definitely go ta pao. It is better to save my time and do more paid post. Some day if busy I have my late late lunch or even no eat.

Since long ago I have an idea of ordering food delivery. Lately I only search and ask around for it. Before that, I found it at Mom's food, the only caterer delivery to my nearest area, not exact my place also. I didn't call up to ask since place not right. Until one day I saw the ad brochure at my mum's place on food delivery to my area, which is also provided exactly the same website that I search before. This website that I'm reading is actually not updated. The name and phone number has been changed.

Based on the brochure, it is Mary food Delivery. Delivery service area covering Puchong, Bukit Jalil, Putra Heights, Sri Petaling, Seputeh, PJ, Bangsar, Cheras, Ampang and Sg. Long. It is home cooked. Everyday different dishes with meat, vege and seafood. Microwavable container provided. Ordering can be send starting from 1 pax. Food provided for lunch and dinner.

Currently I'm trying out the lunch on alternate day. RM 7 per pax without rice. So far I'm satisfied with the food cooked and portion. If you are interested you can call 014-626 2000 or email

Latest update on food delivery service in Klang Valley
Tammy Eatery


papajoneh said...

Wahhhh bestlah u all got this delivery thing. If got here in KK Sabah, I will definitely order for us. LOL.

TinkerBell91 said...

Is this delivery service still available?

Lemonjude said...

TinkerBell91: Hi, I'm not very sure are they still in operation or not, may be u can try to google other home-cook delivery or you can try this - Grace Kitchen (018 - 226 0660)