Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Teething time

Since last week, Terry shown his uncomfortable of teething time at night and since then he demand for midnight feed everyday. Daytime he is nothing like normal, but come to night time he will cry at sleep and wail for carry.

I'm not sure whether his teething uncomfortable causing him want midnight feed or he really hungry for milk now. Since small he was rarely on midnight feed. Currently he has his last feed between 10.30-11pm, supposed he can sleep till morning after that. Lately he just couldn't sleep tight at night. Between 12am-3am, he will cry and ask for carry. After comforting him and back to bed he is able to sleep. Later in 30 min or an hour time he wail again. This time I will give him milk. Only after this feed he can sleep soundly till morning 9.00-9.30am.

As what I can check, there are 5 teeth erupting at the same time - Lower cuspid for both side, lower first molar (2 teeth side by side) and upper left cuspid. I was ready and expecting he might get fever anytime. So far he not having anything, only wailing at bedtime. Up to today there are 3 teeth fully erupt and 2 more in mild eruption.

I was in worried now on his lower first molar teeth (position 4), there are 2 teeth erupting at one gum space. Meaning at point 4, there are 2 teeth erupting side by side and now can see is a bit swollen at the gum area. I have check him with my finger and can feel that there is 2 sharp edge. Since it is not fully erupt yet, I still not very sure whether is 2 teeth growing at a gum spot or that 2 sharp edge is the shape of 1 teeth. Will wait till both teeth fully erupt and see how the position like. Hopefully it is not 2 teeth at one gum spot. Really can find that he is very uncomfortable for that.

Hopefully this midnight feed routine only serve for his current teething time. Really I'm not having good sleep too..

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